CRM Process Support

CRM Process Support 394 273 ASPIRO

Aspiro was requested to provide staff to support process activities in the CRM process team.

Project Context:
After the merger of Slovak Telekom, a.s. and T-Mobile Slovensko, a.s. the company started to perceive the need to unify the processes and rules of providing services to internal and external customers.

Aspiro Role:

  • Consolidate the process of entering and processing requests for IVR contact centers, for the new organizational structure and responsibilities have not been considered in the lasting Governance model of IVR contact centers.
  • Map existing processes of customer servicing via sales channels (e.g. agencies, tele-sales VSE) to be able to design processes required by the new CRM system currently implemented
  • Unify existing processes of issuing customer credit notes to resolve issues, e.g. update of Governance model
  • Map existing processes of issuing electronic invoices as basis for a project with the goal of supporting the issuance of electronic invoices for customers

Map the existing process of creating databases of customer’s phone numbers and design a new solution

Client Statement:
“The Aspiro consultant has approached the tasks in a very responsible way. He has also shown initiative – after verifying the task he was able to work on it independently. His work needed only a little guidance, which came from his not knowing the company and its employees.
I appreciated the fact, that he came with new ideas and proposals, and managed his work by himself. I also appreciated his orientation to detail, which could be seen in his deliverables.
The consultant has shown his strong customer orientation, whether internal or external, which was visible in his verification of results and designing such processes, which will not only be functional and optimal, but the participants will also use it after implementation.”
Iveta Nováková, CRM process manager,
Slovak Telekom, a.s.

Client Description:
Slovak Telekom is the largest multimedia operator in Slovakia with longtime experiences and a responsible approach to business.​
By merging Slovak Telekom, a.s. and T-Mobile Slovensko, a.s. a universal operator was created, which offers the benefits of a complex solution provided from one source to home and corporate customers.​
The company also brings international know-how, innovative solutions and the newest technology trends to the Slovak market.​