Aspiro volunteered

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On June 9, Aspiro volunteered to make Bratislava more beautiful and meaningful. We took part in the biggest corporate volunteering event in Central Europe – Naše Mesto.

Once in a year, this initiative created by Pontis Foundation enables hundreds of companies and thousands of volunteers to get actively involved in their communities and help several NGOs, schools or centres. We are proud to be part of this impactful tradition for the second time already!

Aspiro decided to give a hand with finishing walls in the centre Imobilio that aims to serve to disabled people and provide them a place where they can study, work and enjoy rehabilitations. It was very refreshing to exchange our usual work tool – computer for new manual tools such as palette-knife, brushes, plaster and paint:)

People from the Imobilio centre were happy with the final result and we felt thankful for this chance to bring a tangible value.
Because value actually matters.